Course of Study

Syllabus if 11th and 12th (Arts)

Compulsory subjects

  • NRB Hindi – 50 marks
  • Either one of English or Urdu – 50 marks
  • In following languages one is to study compulsory which is of 100 marks i.e. English, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit.

Alternative Subjects:

In the following groups one is to select:

  • Political science, History, Economics.
  • Economics, History, Geography, Philosophy, Psychology.
  • History, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Geography.

 Syllabus if 11th and 12th (Science)

Compulsory subjects

  • NRB Hindi – 50 marks
  • Either one of English or Urdu – 50 marks
  • One is compulsory to study among the following languages of 100 marks: Hindi, Urdu, English, Sanskrit.

Alternative Subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics / Biology.

Note: Students of Biology can study as an extra subject as Mathematics, Computer Science, Multimedia, one of them.


For admission in B.A. & B.Sc. Honours Courses, it is essential to pass Intermediate in Science or Arts. Minimum 45% marks is essential to opt Honours. Students who passed Intermediate Science in second division may get admission in honours subject in Arts.

There is no teaching of IRPM in Intermediate classes. IRPM is only taught at Graduation level.



B.A. Honours (Part – I):

Compulsory Subjects:           (1) R. B. Hindi – 100 marks

(2) Hindi – 50 marks, Urdu – 50 marks (for Non Hindi)

Honours Subjects (Arts):

Political science, Economics, History, Geography, Psychology, Philosophy, English, Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit, I R P M.

  1. Sc. Honours: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany & Zoology.

Students related to Science faculty can opt any one subject as a Honours and two subjects as a subsidiary which they have already studied in Intermediate Courses.

New faculties Now start from this  Session 2017:-

(1)   Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA)            

(2)   Bachelor Business Administration(BBA)

BCA course is technical oriented where in variety of computer related subjects or technical subjects that the candidate is going to study and there by he is going to have good number of job opportunities in various IT companies soon after the completion of BCA course.
BBA involves variety of subjects which are related to business and management oriented. These people can have job opportunities in all the business sectors.

Note:-Students are to get their admission form checked thoroughly so that there remain not any mistake.